Disability Inclusion, Gig Economy, Pet Economy

Ace Ratcliff

Writer, Artist, Activist, Model, Entrepreneur

Ace Ratcliff is a freelance tech-writer with 15 years of customer service experience and combines her unique life experiences as an advocate for intersectional feminism, with a specific focus on disability rights. She lives with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, dysautonomia, and mast cell activation syndrome, which all make for a particularly rebellious meatcage.

She  writes about disability inclusion and representation and has bylines at Huffington Post, Self Magazine, Bustle, Bitch Media. Her Upworthy video attracted 1.8 million views and she’s also been featured in The Economist, The Guardian, and Chuck Wendig's Terribleminds. and many podcasts. She was Dapper & Woke's Spotlight Activist in June, 2017.

Ace's deathcare expertise has been documented by Dirge Magazine and funeralOne. She blogs about her experiences as a mortician and current experiences handling chronic illness at MortuaryReport.com. She is available for consultation as a mortuary, deathcare, and death expert.

Ace's poetry has been published in Breath & Shadow. Her short story, "The Ritual," appeared in Phobos Magazine. Her essay "Nihil De Nobis, Sine Nobis" appeared as part of Uncanny Magazine's Kickstarter campaign for Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction.

Ace is the co-owner of Harper's Promise, an in-home pet hospice, palliative care and in-home euthanasia company. She lives and works in Oakland with her veterinarian fiancé, Derek, and their pack of wild beasts.

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