Bio-Engineering, Synthetic Biology & Food Futures

Alex Lorestani

Co-founder & CEO Geltor, Inc

Alex Lorestani is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Geltor, Inc where he works with his partners to create biology-enabled solutions that are better for people, businesses and the planet.

Geltor designs and delivers superior texture products with the company’s advanced protein manufacturing platform. 

Alex is strongly motivated by the positive impact that Geltor’s protein production technology can have on public health and sustainability. His passion for combining synthetic biology, materials science, and computational tools began when he was an MD/PhD student studying the mechano-biology of healthcare-associated infections. 

Alex has co-authored six peer-reviewed publications and is regularly invited to showcase Geltor’s technology, products and business around the world. 

He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton University, an MS in Biomedical Science from Rutgers University, and a BS in Biology from Boston College.

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