Sport, Performance, Human Potential

Andy Walshe

Board Advisor, Human Potential Hacker

Andy Walshe is the Founding Partner at the Liminal Collective, a global network of people and institutions who support and enable humanityʼs boldest endeavors in the pursuit of human potential. 

He also serves on the Information Science & Technology board advising DARPA with continuing, independent assessments of emerging technologies. The group identifies opportunities for innovations in computation, communications, and related applications, and performs strategic appraisal of technologies and overall new research directions for DARPA.

Andy advises and consults full-time across all domains of sport business and government; building a human factors team to push science and the application of human potential. Previously he was the Director of High Performance for Red Bull's global athlete development program where he worked with hundreds of international athletes and supervised a team of industry-leading sports scientists, nutritionists, biomechanics experts and sports psychologists to develop elite sports performance models.

With a Ph.D. in Applied Biomechanics (the science of movement) and applied coaching expertise in performance training, the Australian native designed a highly successful performance program for the U.S. Olympic ski and snowboard teams, guiding their athletes to victories on the world stage.

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