Perfume, Fragrance and Flavor

Annette Green

Author, Fragrance Historian, Consultant

nnette is one of America's leading fragrance authorities and futurists. She was appointed President of the Fragrance Foundation in 1993, after serving for 32 years as Executive Director and in 2003, the Board named her President Emeritus. 

Annette developed and opened the country's first fragrance museum currently housed in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. The Fragrance Foundation's Annual "FiFi" Awards, the Oscars of the fragrance industry were conceived by Annette 36 years ago. She established a Bachelor of Science Degree in Cosmetics/Fragrance Marketing at FIT and helped develop a Masters Degree program. 

Annette has just completed her memoir, "Perfume in my Veins - Living, Working, Winning in the Wonderland of the Senses -1963-2003"tracing a 40-year career with The Fragrance Foundation against a background of major social changes in the U.S. She previously co-authored (with Linda Dyett) the first historical exploration of jewelry which held fragrance, "Secrets of Aromatic Jewelry" published by Flammarion, France.

Board roles include Women's Project Theatre (Chairman Emeritus and member of the Founder's Circle).  Annette’s work has been honored internationally with The Medal of the City of Paris; Fragrance Foundation Circle of Champions; FIT's "One Person Makes A Difference"; Italy's Premino Caterina de Medici Award; Germany's Annual Beauty World Cup 2000 and the "FiFi" Ehren Award; and the First "Legend of Beauty" Award from Beauty Industry West Certificates.

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