Food Tech

Bryan Janeczko

Food Tech and Business Model Pioneer, Entrepreneur

Bryan is renowned for executive leadership in building emerging brands in the food tech and product (CPG) sectors.

His passion for healthier living and serving others led him to pioneering change in the food-tech sector. He founded NuKitchen, the direct-to-consumer meal delivery solution that made healthy eating delicious and convenient. Creating customized nutrition solutions and leveraging the latest culinary trends, he developed one of the first completely online subscription-based food models. After 5 years at the helm and helping thousands of customers live better lives, he sold the business to Nutrisystem, the national weight-loss company.

At Wicked Start, the management consulting firm that he founded, the team has lead the innovation and development of multiple emerging food- based brands, including the launch of Crock-Pot Cuisine, an all-natural and healthy line of meal kits designed around the iconic Crock-Pot brand.  As advisors to multiple New York City based startup accelerators and incubators, including the Founder Institute and Food-X, they have helped launch several early stage brands, such as Barley & Oats, Mise En Place, and Savor Health. 

Bryan completed his Undergraduate studies at Marquette University, Wisconsin and earned an M.B.A. from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

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