Neural & Complex Systems, AI & Human Interaction

Dr. Fiona Kerr

Professor & Industry Advisor Neural and Systems Complexity, AI Engineer, Author, Speaker

Dr. Fiona Kerr is a prominent thought leader in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, human connectivity and the impacts of technology on human behavior. She combines her role as Industry Professor, Neural and Systems Complexity at Adelaide University with public speaking and consulting all over the world. 

Integrating neuroscience and complex systems engineering, Fiona advises companies and governments on ensuring maximum benefit from both human synergy and human-technological interaction and intermediation. This ranges from crafting quality human-technology partnerships in the future of work to how we engage actively with technology and AI to shape the future we want. She serves on the steering committee of Finland's AI taskforce preparing the nation's artificial intelligence program. 

Fiona has 30 years of executive experience across manufacturing, pharma, military operations. She consults to companies, industry sectors and governments on creativity and innovation; leadership and its cognitive effect on employees; and shaping adaptive capacity. She collaborates with organizations such as Cirque du Soleil, where she studied the organization’s ideation processes. 

Fiona is a widely published author and speaker. She works with media organizations as a science communicator.

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