Metabolism, Weight, Hormones, Microbiome

Dr. Noel Maclaren

Pioneering Endocrinologist, Internist, Pediatrician, Researcher & Entrepreneur

ew Zealand-born and trained Dr. Noel Maclaren is a specialist endocrinologist - uniquely qualified as both internist and pediatrician specializing in general medicine, endocrinology and metabolism in adults and children across generations. He has worked in NZ, Australia, London, Florida and is now based in New York where in addition to his specialist practice, he runs Bioseek Clinics, Maclaren Weightwise and Metakura with his co-founder and partner, Sunita Singh Maclaren.

As a researcher, he and his colleagues pioneered the use of antibody and genetic markers to identify those at risk for type-1 diabetes, endocrine disorders that result from an immune attack to self (autoimmune endocrine disease), including Adrenal failure (Addison's disease). 

He convened the American Diabetes Association committee that first classified types of diabetes by their causes rather than their treatments. He first described auto-immune polyglandular syndrome (APS-1) currently used worldwide.

Dr. Maclaren has authored over 50 medical book chapters on endocrine topics and published more than 300 peer reviewed articles in international scientific journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Cell, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Science, Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism and Diabetes which are referenced by endocrinologists the world over. 

He has won numerous awards and distinctions including Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International Award, David Rumbough Scientific Award, the International Canadian Diabetes Association/Connaught Novo Nordisk Award, Mary Jane Kugel Award for Diabetes Research from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. He was featured on the cover of France’s Paris-Match news weekly for his proposed diabetes vaccine. The Best Doctors Group ( Harvard University) has named him one of the Best Doctors in America and Best Doctors of New York. 

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