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Jeremiah Owyang

Founder & CEO Crowd Companies

Jeremiah Owyang is an industry analyst, speaker, and family man who founded Crowd Companies in 2013.

His career mission is to help corporations connect with customers using web technologies.  He does this by researching the way disruptive technologies are changing the customer relationship, by speaking at many conferences and events, and by serving as a frequent source for the media.

Since 2006, his blog has been the go-to place for the business of the future.

Jeremiah lives at the edge of technology but maps it back to what it means for businesses. This has led him to early thinking in the realms of customer experience, social business, interactive marketing, and now the collaborative economy.

In addition to his blog, his team has published numerous research reports focused on social business and the collaborative economy. They focus on topics like how products, services, and markets have changed with the collaborative economy; how businesses manage complex, scaled social media programs; and the career path of the new social strategist.

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