Philosophy, Ethics, Morality

Rita J. King

Entrepreneur & Co-Director Science House, Futurist, Ethicist

Rita J. King co-directs Science House, a cathedral of the imagination in Manhattan that works with organizations all over the world to align their people and organizational goals. 

Rita created The Imagination Age, a leadership framework to transition from the Industrial Era to the Intelligence Era. 

She is a futurist, writer, strategist and ethnographer focused on the impact of digital technologies on culture. Currently she is a futurist at the Science and Entertainment Exchange of the National Academy of Sciences, inventing novel story architecture, technologies, characters and scenarios for film and TV. She has served as futurist at NASA Langley's think tank, and as a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. 

Features by Rita or about her work have appeared in major media globally, including The New York Times, Psychology Today, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Al Jazeera, TIME, CNN, Fox News, NPR, the BBC, the Christian Science Monitor, The Village Voice, Forbes, The Design Observer, and many more. She writes about the future for Fast Company. 

Her jewelry line, Treasure of the Sirens, is designed from the amphorae discovered in ancient shipwrecks around the islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea where her family, and the mythological sirens, are from.

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