Medicine, Pharma, Thought Leadership

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Medical Futurist, Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

Robin Farmanfarmaian is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and angel investor who drives business development for cutting-edge medical and biotech companies poised to impact 100M patients. 

Currently she is Vice President at Actavalon, an oncology-focused company focused on curing cancer, and Strategic Relations Advisor to MindMaze, a company pioneering VR for stroke and brain injury rehabilitation. Her recent investments include Invicta Medical, a medical technology company addressing sleep apnea, and Dance Biopharm, focused on the development of inhaled insulin products to treat diabetes patients worldwide. 

Her first book, “The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer”, is a number one Best Seller on Amazon. 

Robin has delivered more than 125 keynotes in 12 countries, educating audiences on technology, the future of healthcare, patient empowerment, building thought leadership, and more. 

She’s learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way and has captured them in her latest book and online coaching program: “The Thought Leader Formula”, aimed at entrepreneurs and executives who want to accelerate their career and business goals. 

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