Robin Farmanfarmaian

Author and Speaker, Medical Futurist, 

From wearable sensors, to improved point-of-care diagnostics to artificial intelligence and robotics, Robin works at the bleeding edge of biomedical innovation set to fundamentally change the way patients manage their own health and interact with healthcare providers. Misdiagnosed at age 16, she endured multiple surgeries and countless hospitalizations over the course of a decade before deciding to take charge of her own healthcare and changing her life overnight. 

She’s a serial entrepreneur, and has worked on 12 early stage startups in medtech, biotech and education. Currently she’s the COO of Arc Fusion Programs, working on the fusion of medicine, science and IT, and a VP at INVICTA Medical, a device company for sleep apnea.

A life-long philanthropist and mentor, she serves on the Board of the Organ Preservation Alliance ( Which she co-founded), catalyzing breakthroughs in organ banking for transplants and tissue engineering, and she is President for the Innovation for Jobs Summit, finding solutions to disrupt unemployment.

She serves on the advisory board of many startups, speaks internationally and mentors female entrepreneurs. She founded Morfit, the Exponential Medicine conference, and was a VP at Singularity University. In her Amazon no#1best-selling book The Patient as CEO, she shines a light on the new and upcoming breakthroughs that will allow the patient to be the key decision-maker - the CEO - of their own healthcare.

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