Gen Z

Sydney Polinchock

Student and Speaker

Sydney Polinchock is 15 years old and entering her sophomore year at Montclair Kimberly Academy. 

She has spoken about Gen Z around the world with her dad and her friends, Luke Hunter and William Goodall. She started attending her dad’s conferences when she was 4 years old and has accompanied and spoken with him ever since. 

She has spoken most recently at the Pulpit conference in Stavanger, Norway and the Media Forum conference in Oslo. She has also spoken at KIS Digital Week in Puerto Rico, the NY Daily News Innovation Lab in New York City, and at South By South West in 2015. The panel she was on at SXSW, “Conversations with Digital Natives: Teens Talk” was quoted 5 times in SXSW’s list of top 50 quotes. 

Sydney is a dancer at Sharron Miller’s Academy for the Performing Arts (SMAPA) and is part of their company, which performs at schools that lack dance in their curriculum. She is also a horseback rider and fosters puppies for Bonnie’s Animal Rescue Kingdom. 

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