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Yuri Van Geest

Entrepreneur, Author, 
Exponential Growth Strategist

Yuri is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at exOxo.co, a global innovation strategy and engagement firm. exOxo works with governments, policymakers and the Boards of the global top 1000 companies to accelerate exponential thinking and change across entire organizations to unlock exponential growth through technology, eco-systems and platforms. 

He works with clients across fast-moving consumer goods, finance, automotive, health, energy, hardware, software, real estate and government sectors. He is also managing director of the Singularity University Summit Europe and founder of Singularity University, The Netherlands. 

He is a serial entrepreneur and has been a fire-starter and organizer in the global Lean Startup, Quantified Self, TEDx and Mobile Monday movements. He has consulted to Google, ING Bank, Vodafone Group, Adidas Global, Philips Global, Heineken Global, Friesland Campina, Samsung and MIT. He was a key member of the Topteam Creative Industry within the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation for two years. 

Yuri holds a M.Sc. degree in strategic management and marketing from Erasmus University Rotterdam. He co-authored “Exponential Organizations”and is currently working on a new book about the post-singularity firm. He is regularly sought as a speaker and his work is referenced by organizations like the Aspen Institute. He has featured in Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC and Techcrunch. 

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