Circular Economy, Design-thinking and Re-Generative Solutions

Faith Legendre

Circular Economy Solutions Strategist, Speaker

Faith is a Circular Economy Solutions Strategist who believes that we can bring the global circular economy to fruition by strategically implementing people and technology at the right points in the interconnected loops. 

Drawing on her background spanning training, strategy, innovation, and design thinking, she innovates and incubates new services as a member of the Cisco Design Thinking team, where she has consulted to more than 155 organizations worldwide. She also serves as Inclusion and Collaboration ambassador for the Cisco program.

Prior to joining Cisco, Faith ran her own consulting business where she supported the School-to-Work program, the US and The Center for Client Retention. 

She is an Aspen Institute First Mover Fellow where her Next Stage Innovation Project was executed to move Cisco towards greater strategic integration of business success and positive social impact, resulting in her appointment as Cisco Circular Economy Solutions Strategist. 

She is a sought-out speaker on emerging trends, future thinking, implementation, marketing, piloting, and training and was awarded Trainer of the Year in 2008 by Training Magazine. 

Faith serves as a judge for the Global SDG Awards - an international sustainability initiative designed with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She works with and advises student projects with Arizona State University, Columbia University, NYIT, and NYU. 

She holds a BA in Journalism and an MS in Organization & Management. 

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