Climate Science, Earth Microbiome, Behavioral Design

Dr. Nathan Walworth

Climate Scientist, Experience Designer, Co-Founder of NEXUS Futurism Group and CôVALENCE

Dr. Nathan Walworth is an entrepreneurial climate scientist, futurist and experience designer. He works at the intersection of the Earth microbiome, exponential tech, behavioral design, art and culture to shift social narratives, norms and practices. Growing up with LA street culture as a hip hop dancer and performer, Nathan blends a science career with a deep understanding of culture and human behavior to effect change through design.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz and a Master’s in molecular biology in Sweden, he returned to LA to complete his PhD at USC in Evolutionary Microbiology and Climate Change. His research has taken him from the Tropics to Antarctica through collaborations with world-renowned institutes.

He co-founded the NEXUS Futurism Working Group: a global platform designed to convene leaders across industries to highlight and drive social impact. NEXUS focuses on the confluence of technologies and their effects on the interplay between human consciousness and the natural environment.

As an Adjunct Professor at the College of Environmental Design at Cal Poly Pomona University, he is working to close the Digital Divide produced by rapid technological development. He is creating up-skilling programs for everyone from NASA scientists to underserved communities.

Nathan was part of the 2018 Global People’s Summit Fellowship: a platform designed to amplify the voice and impact of 45 inspiring people from around the world that are creating impact and community. He regularly speaks and co-produces events hosted at the UN, the US Institute of Peace, and many others.

Since much of human behavior is influenced by design cues, Nathan co-founded a regenerative lifestyle company, CôVALENCE, that applies ontological design techniques for cuing environmentally aware behavior and repurposing waste from everything from fashion to the built environment.

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