Trends 2019: Strangers in a Strange Land


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sparks & honey identifies and explores the 15 most powerful and emergent trends shaping culture in 2019.

Every day, we wake up to a radically changed world: a growing sense of disconnect from our increasingly unfamiliar realities will come to a head. A year of unprecedented volatility, we’ll see virtually everything we might have once considered sacred or secure in flux. This very uncertainty means that the future is more malleable than ever, and dare we say, hopeful. 

The trends explored in this report represent behaviors and attitudinal shifts that will be the compass for navigating our lives, our world — and business — for the year to come. 


This report was created with data-driven and expert-informed intelligence from Q™, our cultural intelligence platform which structures data from thousands of sources to visualize cultural change in real time. The system draws on cultural experts and observers from around the world, while applying proprietary methodologies, tools, algorithms and human insights — to build a vision of what to expect in 2019, arming you with the intelligence you need to make insightful decisions this year. 

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